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You came to the right place for all your academic writing requirements.

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***You’ll be glad you personally chose PrettyPronto/PracticallyPersonal/PhDpages.com as your personal choice, the academic paper writing service with a capital M in our mission. We founded ourselves, several years ago. The history of  Our Mission is to assist students at all levels of writing needs, schooling needs and academics requirements to achieve academics progress without spending too much time–academically–or effort on writing of their homework, or wasting precious iPhone®  time on boring academics researches on papers, or from composing book reports to thesis’s to dissertations–or a lot of time consuming reading and writing too. You’ll have enough of that to do later—in the real world of academics or research or nuclear  physics or medecine, writing book reports,  or whatever we can help you in being an expert at.

–Unless of course you’ve used our service since ever having to write a two page book report. In that case, lucky you! You didn’t spend the time learning on how to really read,  too. We can still help you with all of your reading and writing needs now, even that your a professional.

***No worries–we’re always here to help you look like a good writer, no matter the paper writing job you can’t, not, or don’t want to, do. Our clients place their complete trust in us because we help them achieve, something respectable because it’s academic, professional, and also trustworthy,  and a economical trade off for expenditures of their time, effort, and money which is very little in return for the expert services and peace of mind we could offer.

***PrettyPronto/PracticallyPersonal/PhDpages.com uses writers of your papers for you with MA, MD, PhD, the list goes on–experts, holders of titles specializing in every area of letters of the alphabet achievable in the areas of Arts, Science, Medicen, Astronomy, Literature, Physics. You name it and we’ll find a PP Expert– —doing it out in his field, already. We’ll put him to work on covering your back with his wiz-kid technique. And you can rest assured our experts, who will do your work for you, have never used our service. They are that good! So you’re to be certain you won’t get a three time warmed over version of a sorry cut and paste attempt at professional writing skills by someone who was too lazy, or incapable, or dishonest, to do their own writing. No, our skilled writers are members of accredited universitiesconsultants, specialists in their fields, like what you want to be. That’s why they know exactly what you want to get in order that you can get exactly where they are on your road to fame, fortune, and financial security, the place where people admire you for your intelligence, knowledge and integrity.

***Here at PrettyPronto/PracticallyPersonal/PhDpages.com. we know you admire and respect and want Original, Genuine Writing work done by somebody–anybodybut you–and by someone who has a real degree of the same type you’d like to have that diploma say you are when you submit your work you’ll get from us. And that he’ll do the expert job you’d expect from yourself if you decided to do it instead. We also understand how you have your Integrity to hold up while not being held up for too long, waiting for some incapable hack working for a cheap, discount writing mill to finish. Promising day after day you’ll get what you deserve, but while you were knowing all along it might be someone who couldn’t be trusted in abilities to write a paper and deliver it on time, and was less than deserving of the job he was trusted to do. Now YOU have to pay for that lack of trust, wondering all the while whether the less than original paper you submitted will be good enough to lift you high enough to  the respectability you worked so hard to get, or not. Or, whether some nit- picky professor will find out your work is not good enough–and then where would you be?–We don’t believe you deserve that kind of injustice when something is that important to you. That’s why if you come to PrettyPronto/PracticallyPersonal/PhDpages.com. we already recognize that your decision to contact us has already set you apart from the crowd when it comes to what you deserve.

***Here’s another reason for you, PrettyPronto/PracticallyPersonal/PhDpages.com. customers keep coming back to us.

***There’s no subject we can’t not assist you by doing your paper writing work for you on. Maybe you think you got something so special to write on nobody knows anything about it—especially you. Tell us what are your needs and instructions, and we’ll find an expert that can make you look like you are one too. You only get the Genuine Article in your hands when you put your Trust in us and hand it over to PP/PP/PP.com to hold-Another reason our customers keep coming back. Why? Because they know quality because they can see the bigger picture, looking from the outside, the fun side, while one of our crack writers slaves away like other students you know do. But what’s so special about that? Is a question we ask our patrons at


***Just like those not so savvie students as you are, you know what it is has to be done, and you’d do it if you could or thought it was important enough to take so much time out for, or wanted to act all geeky-like some people you know. You’ve got the same assignment as them, know what’s being asked by the very same people—teachers or scientists or specialists in their fields– who know what to ask you to do, you heard the assignment when the professor wrote it up on the board, and you have the very same responsibility and pressure as some not so brite student who decides to do it themselves, not figuring out they could just pay someone else to do it for them—and better than them– and eliminate all their hassles—but you know that don’t you?—and we know that too at PP.  You, just like them, have got some pretty large decision making, thinking process to do on the very same assignment as anybody else. You know how you stand, and PP?–we know it too. We see it from where you do. You know you have the choice, as a free and accomplished thinker, to do it one way or another way.   But anyways, shape or forms it doesn’t get done,  and you don’t get that M.A. or that Book Report of the Semester Award.

But the challenge can be a little rough when you really look at it close.

Just take a look at what all the reading and writing alone could amount to being a total of:

For an instance, take a theses, just for as an example. A Thesis needs you to read, read, read, look up stuff–all day sometimes, write it down, look up more—write IT down, read some more—figure out how to write down what that means—after you figure out what it does, mean and then, before you can start on finishing it, all together it must be put into ‘proper format’ for wrapping up the job in order to make it okay for submitting it to anywhere.  Even a Book Report is the same kind of thing but less.

Scratching your head or yawning already? And why wouldn’t you?

Why bother with all that unecessary nerve-racking busy work, when one of our already Writing Experts can make it happen in your sleep? Just listen to this and read it close to enjoy our full Benefits:

***PrettyPronto/PracticallyPersonal/PhDpages.com knows people who know all about papers. Knowing about formats of theses, essays, term papers, highschool book reports, research papers, dissertations, personal information form-filling out, web logins, and twitter protocol submission limits and more. Any kind of difficult, boring and tedious reading and writing assigments–nothing is too simple for you, or too hard for the experts we hire to write, your paper for you— the proud to be owner, of the only one of its kind in any way, shape or form, an actual and certified Original creation by a qualified expert we personally know how to find out how to contact in person.

***We personally gaurantee you,  that you get the credit for your original idea:  to pay for this specific work to be written by someone,  who—and we realize how vital this is to your success, career and future– is Qualified and who CAN ACTUALLY DO IT with the Knowledge and Professionalism you desperately can’t find anywhere, else. Can just anybody follow important guidelines and instructions for your paper that’s due you got from someone else who spent their time, expertise, along with their considerable hard-earned and legitimate bona fide knowledge about writing up things, then gave to you, in your personal keeping while charging you, and you alone with the important task of following those detailed instructions?—You don’t want to trust some incapable writing amateur with important stuff like that.

***Other write-it-for-you services cut and paste your assignment from work somebody else already did, after you took the pains and effort to waste your precious time and expertise at telling them what you already wrote down–those  important instructions and requirements from your teacher you trusted to these impostor fakes. These same impostors, are deceitful about what they really do, with your important assignment and then have the gall and unprofessional-like manners  to ask you to sign your name to some easy-proved a fake, documents. (as if you could ever in a million years think of handing in someone else’s second hand, already researched and paid for work.) And like the end result could possibly, in any way, be your original work—or something  like it–but that’s exactly what we give you here at


Which brings you to a place of your concern we know can be very important when it’s what you think about:

Plagiarismbut set your mind at ease, it’s what you’re paying us for here at PrettyPronto. Along with the value you get for your money, we sell you the peace of mind to protect you from getting caught out at something like that red-handed. You will receive what is a 100% original book report, masters thesis, doctoral dissertation, essay, or whatever you might need an expert to write for you. And you have our honest pledge that your transaction with PP/PP/PP.com will be confidential 100%. We know how important honesty is when it comes to who knows your business. At PP/PP/PP.com we’ve re-defined that importance. And you’ll learn the meaning of what honesty is really all about when you choose us, and not someone else, to get that important paper writing job done for you. Authenticity is hard to come by, but it’s what you expect when you pay for it, and we make sure you get the very best of the expert professional academic quality, authentically potent PP writers can provide you.

***And just in case anyone might have some gall to question your authentic work after you pay us and we deliver it–or the unlikely thing happens, like you start to have maybe some thoughts about someone finding out about you not doing evrey tiny little bit of the work yourself–or if you think people might be looking at you funny after they read your gauranteed one of a kind homework paper written by expert professionals, ask yourself this:

#1. Have you skipped ANY steps there-in; the process it takes to thus produce Quality academics?

#2. After all is done and said, the academic people asked you to get this thing done–you did itaccording to their strict instructions on how they gave you then you gave to one of our academic expert writers to follow on what you wanted them to do for you, and after our experts wrote the job according to your specifications we delivered it to you, you delivered the assignment–on time– to the people who told you to do it. Trust it to PP on your behalf— It’s that simple.

#3. —And most important of allYou paid for itit’s yours!. Period. Case closed—diploma in hand. Anyone who wants to argue with that and you got a certified receipt you can show them. And the only thing you had to write for all the great knowledge and writing respectability you earned was your signature on your original written work, saying okay to the fact that the assignment is really all yours, you bought it— the signature that matches the one on your credit card receipt proves it.

***And you can count on PrettyPronto/PracticallyPersonal/PhDpages.com to be here the very same way for you time after time throughout your entire academic career, taking the unnecessary hassle and worry out of being academic with the flair you want everybody to see you’ve got and know you for who you really are.  Take the drudgery out of being authentic with integrity.

***Contact  PrettyPronto/PracticallyPersonal/PhDpages.com today! Its about time to start taking charge of your future Yourself.  And although no deadline within hours is too late for us to get the job done (it will just cost you a lot more is all) don’t wait. Start enjoying the pride, security, and genuine sense of accomplishment we can sell you here at PrettyPronto/PracticallyPersonal/PhDpages.com for as little as $7.50 a page*–Don’t delay. That A+ is just a mouse click or a phone call away!

*see rate schedule for exact terms and assignment rates, accordingly, to expertise, and grade you want it done for.

–Per order per page discounts may not apply in some cases.

–Under no circumstances is PP/ PP/ PP.com responsible for any of the decisions of any of our clients in any kind of way whatsoever.

–Client affidavits on record. For further information:

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