Words, words, words.

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Funny how things can “change” in an instant; or, a century or two.  Especially Words and what they mean.

Polonius: –What do you read, my lord.

Hamlet: Words, words, words.

Polonius: What is the matter, my lord?

Hamlet: Between who?

Polonius: I mean, the matter that you read, my lord.

Hamlet: Slanders, sir, …                                 2.2.200-205

Now there’s a guy who knew how to play with words. He also knew the value of their power.  But one thing’s for sure, sooner than later, willingly or not, you’ll either hate Shakespeare because of the words, or you’ll love him for them.  I think maybe we should consider what’s being done with words “on our behalf” before we come hastily to the decision– decide that they really don’t  mean much.

Here’s an instance of the power of words. How closely we’re able to listen to what’s being said, and done, as it’s being said,  many times means everything:

–For as long as I can remember (and anyone else I know can remember) the political party with the donkey as its iconic mascot was called: The  Democratic Party. It was called that, well, because that’s what it had always been called. Everyone every where always called it The Democratic Party. They called it that because, for one very obvious factual reason–that was its name. From the time the guys who formed it got together and said, “Well boys, what’re we gonna name this here ship?”, it was called that.

The only thing about it that changed over the years was its ideology. When you take into consideration the fact that Stephen Douglas, who ran for the Presidency against Abraham Lincoln, was a “Democrat”, a member of the Democratic Party,  you realize how much things can change. Abe Lincoln, a Republican, was all for Federal everything–you might say he was a “Union man”. An equally bad word to some then, as it is today for other reasons,  as well as for big Federal government concerns. Lincoln thought blacks should have the same Constitutional rights as whites and wanted to ban slavery in new territories and states admitted to the union.  Douglas, on the other hand,  seems to have  had no problem with slave states or slave labor, and argued  that it should be up to the States to decide the issue one way or the other.  He seems to have espoused some of the ideals and beliefs we hear today from (as it’s somewhat misrepresented by it’s members)  the “Party of Lincoln”–the Republican party. To whit: That if we just leave the decision-making alone; let “the people” be heard–translation: “the people” who ultimately, and always decide on such matters; “the people” with power, influence, and the money to get more of it; things will “work themselves out” just fine.

This has led to something of a suspicion on my part–and that is:  That some of these same “Lincoln Republicans” I’ve heard, lately- expounding on any subject, especially some representatives of the southern states, would have gotten great delight in a tar and feather ride ‘im out on a rail job with “The Party of Lincoln’s” so-named Member-in-Esteem.

Those same personages get great mileage out of throwing around the word Democra-cy, wrapping themselves in the glow of its respectability, even though it sounds so much like the word they hate–you know, the  Democra part . But the problem remains: it simply sounds and looks, to their taste, too much like Democrat; a word they insist is synonymous with lots of other words they consider nasty and UN-American; words like Socialist, Communist, and Traitor; None of which are synonymous with the word democrat. Furthermore,  categorically and actually, the three words in that list have nothing at all to do with one another, either as synonyms, or in meaning, whatsoever. (although we have allowed a synonymous, interchangeable sense of their meanings to be dictated)–to us–by…someone (?).

So now, then, there, folks–wink-wink,  how do we manage to disassociate the Democrat from Democracy or anything “democratic”? Because obviously it becomes a great and noble duty to do so, in light of the fact that they repeatedly infer that all Democrats are in some way, out to topple America; as they intone Them in drone-like and hypnotic fashion,  paired ever so cleverly with those nasty S, C, T types mentioned above. I’ve even seen such spokespersons quickly correct themselves mid-word, almost committing the awful, heinous mistake, of calling the Democratic party by its rightful and given name. Because yes sir, it’s Them, the Democrats, who are intentionally misrepresenting themselves to you, Mr. and Mrs. America. We’re simply pointing out that fact for your safety and well being.

Watch the news. And if you thought you were a “Democrat” because of the way you think–democrat-ic-ally–or because you were a registered member of the Democrat-ic party–think again. You’re now a Democrat because you espouse  ideals associated with The DEMOCRAT PARTY. Add the word Democrat–not to be confused with democracy or anything democratic– to those other baddies; words we don’t have to work true meanings on any more because they’re automatically properly defined by the majority of the American public. Everyone knows a socialist is a communist is a must be traitor–or at least a terrorist–it just follows, does it not? Elementary Politics and Logic 101 combined. Thank the Almighty we now know what the word democrat truly means. They can’t fool us anymore; we’ve exposed Them for the Snakes they are.

All this, courtesy of intended, repetitive, re-defining, over and over and over… again–without our being offered, even once, the courtesy of a suggested trip to a dictionary. Thus, because “Democrats” are no longer “democratic”, they can be seriously questioned as to their love for America–and their Patriotism (don’t get me started on that word). And because of this, and simply because of this: If you’re a Democrat of the Democrat Party, you could be harboring some pretty nasty thoughts and designs; Well-Known ideologies, hated for the single thing they all mean and stand for; Well-Known to be hatefully destructive to the great fabric of our “Democratic” way of life.  Put simply: (“The simpler the better I always say“) You–could be--dangerous.

–“Well, ya could, now couldn’t ya? I mean, really now, if ya just think–not accusin’ there…ya know; right? Just sayin‘…is all; if ya get my meanin‘… there, ya know…is all I’m sayin .”

So before we view the language as merely a convenient tool, or don’t give it any thought at all, which is the usual case from what I’ve seen, it might be a good thing to realize that apathy, towards any major means of communication and how it’s being used,  breeds great danger. We stop communicating, we get lazy, and sometimes don’t listen very well because of that apathy. But we don’t stop being affected by those who would still make use of, for good or for ill, the great utility embedded  in that wonderful means of voicing our thoughts; that Gift of Language.

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Who said that? Anyone know? A bigger lie was never spoken. But then, they knew that…didn’t they?

Till next time,    Be a-Musing       Cheers,  JM

© 2009 JM’s Muse