Random Musings

Hello and Welcome to a brand new blog…

…as if the world needed another one.  Up until a month or so ago, if anyone had said I’d have one of a something called a “blog”, I’d  have looked at them as though they had two heads…now I have two blogs. (come to think of it, that’s somewhat like having 2 heads)  One of them is coming along fairly well, I think. It’s called shakespeareplace- http://shakespeareplace.blogspot.com . It’s all about anything and everything to do with Disco Music…wait don’t touch that tab!– don’t believe a word I said–about Disco music. Of course it’s about Shakespeare.  But since Shakespeare’s stuff inspires all sorts of ‘musings’ on all sorts of topics, I thought it might be nice to have a place to not only discuss pure Bard topics, but also what might be a spin-off from them–or be floating around in my mind or your mind about anything at all those wayward and unpredictable synapses might accidentally lead us to.  So yeah, you can expect some talk about Shakespeare here, but it’s not limited to that, and it’s anything but “off-topic” to bring up any subject at all about which you might be “musing”, bard-related or not. Art, science, politics, human nature,  love, the world, trivia…all right, all of that’s Shakespeare-related isn’t it?–or could be. Well, I’ll leave it up to whomever might stop by, needing to share a thought their Muse has shared with them. See you soon–till then,  Be A-Musing.      🙂 Cheers, JM

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